Friday, July 31, 2009

Confucious Say...

“Be prepared to deal with slow government when trying to accomplish simple task”

Ok, so I don’t really know if he said that, but I’m sure at some point he had to deal with issues of this caliber. To elaborate, I’m trying to file for unemployment, to help compensate for some of the lost wages that I have incurred over the past few months. While working at … they have severely cut our hours to the point where I’m usually the only one who gets hours other than management. And there is nothing anyone can do because corporate sets our hours. Thus, I am applying for some help.

Current 3 TV Addictions:
America’s Got Talent

Current 3 Music Addictions:
The Beatles
30 Seconds to Mars
The Bird and The Bee

Will there be pie?

Starting a new blog is almost like moving into a new place. You never really know what to expect. Will the new neighbors be nice? Will any of my mail get forwarded? Will some nice lady bring me a pie? These are all very important questions. Especially if you are a fan of pie.

I started this new blog for a couple reasons. First being that I no longer use my previous blog (located at and I’m pretty sure no one really uses xanga anymore. I would also like to keep everyone updated on when I post or am working on new video’s for youtube. (Those videos can be found here and here). Also, I will be posting about new article’s I’m writing for the school newspaper and looking for feedback on things to write about.

In the mean time, this is just an intro post, nothing too serious. So until next time, you stay classy!