Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's been awhile

So I decided I would start something new. The Dear Neighbors thing has run its course. So here is a new segment I would like to introduce. It's lacking a title as of yet, only because I don't really like using the term retarded. So without further ado, here is something from someone...special

This is taken from It's a review someone wrote for the PlayStation 3 video game console. Read and enjoy.

"PS3 a Fluke?" By Swiper72
The PlayStation 3 is a pretty good system but only for it's gaming exclusives. Other then that. Head for another console. You'll only want to play it for maybe God of War, Ratchet and Clank. But those are few from many more. But if you want to play MAG. There's no difference from that to Modern Warfare 2's Online for the 360. 360 has expensive online but it's worth $50. It's like a whole new game in itself. If you want the PS3 for Blu-Ray. there's no difference from it and a regular DVD. Your watching the same thing and the jokes are no funnier or the drama more dramatic. So.. I say to you. buy a PS3, or wait 2 years for the next generation? It's your wallet. So. If you like cheap gaming, head for the Wii or PS3. The Wii system is more superb for non-hardcore and relaxing. the 360 keeps hardcore gaming along with RPG and startegy. While PS3 flatters with graphics. so I say. Buy what?

Buy what indeed Swiper72. I feel as if someone has swiped your ability to make full complete sentences. I think my favorite thing by far in this review is when he says, "If you want the PS3 for Blu-Ray. there's no difference from it and a regular DVD." I think that anyone with half a brain (one half more than swiper) knows that at this point, Blue-ray is so amazingly superior to DVDs. It's as if he is saying reel-to-reel is no better than i-tunes. If I ever meet swiper72 I'm going to ask him who his English teacher was. I will then proceed to his/her house and punch them in the mouth.

PS when I went to proof this on Microsoft Word, my little paper clip killed himself...thanks swiper