Saturday, June 12, 2010

I’m no expert…but Ke$sha needs help(A Video Review)

So, you all know how much I love pop music. With its catchy tunes and lyrics written by a four year old heroine addict, how could one not be in love with such gems? I decided that I would wake up at 5:30am and subject myself to the horror show that is Ke$ha…yes K-e dollar sign ha…I do however in full disclosure note that I do own the entire “Animal” cd. I have listened to it many times and have come to one conclusion. Ke$ha needs to be in rehab. I mean seriously, if not just for sheer fact that her lyrics alone talk of nothing more than getting drunk and sleeping with…well anyone within arms reach. But, I digress. This review is not about that, it is however about her newest video entitled “Your love is my drug”. I like the title, honestly, I’ve been in love…am now…so I feel ya Ke$ha.

The video starts with Ke$ha (try typing her name…most annoying thing ever!!) and some homeless gent in the desert…yes the desert. She begins to sing, run, dance, spin…whatever one does with the homeless in the desert, until the video takes a fun little turn. You see the title is “Your love is my drug”…and you soon get to experience all that fun! Cue the animation from Yellow submarine…no seriously…she takes what was really awesome with the Beatles, gets it drunk and then pukes on it…which i presume she does on a typical Friday night.

The video continues with flashes of her singing and running around with this really creepy homeless guy. Seriously, they don’t even show his face for more than a second. Check out the scene where he is rowing the boat…yes in the desert. He is freakin creepy! Anyway, towards the end of the video Ke$ha finds the glow in the dark body paint and scares the crap out of me. Seriously, at the end of this video you are the one left feeling like you are on drugs.

The only thing this video is missing is a 3am trip to Denny’s. Crap…now I really want a Moons over my hammy…I hate you Ke$ha! 

I didn't give away too much of the video...go check it out for yourself...seriously

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You can fill your bookshelf…

Sometimes I wish that I took more of interest in reading. There are several books in which I have started but have yet to have finished. So, I have stopped buying books altogether. I am kind of under the impression, of why fill our bookshelves with books if we aren’t going to be reading them. Yes, I would look more important if someone came into my room and spotted a fully stocked bookshelf. But honestly, what good is a full set of books if you don’t take the time to pull them off the shelf every once in a while? Just something to think about.