Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What is your story?

A funny thing happened to me when I was about fifteen or sixteen. Well I should really clarify what I mean...

When I was in high school I spent a lot of time at church and with my youth group. Often, while at church, we would have people give their personal testimony. They would come up front and talk about the (sometimes) terrible things that they had gone through before they went on to know Christ.

For me this wasn't really the case. I had grown up in the church, been involved for many years, and thought that was my story. At the time I prayed for something like that...I thought I had a boring story. Little did I know... well if you know me then you know that's not exactly how things went for me and this post isn't about me anyway.

I say this because there are a lot of people out there with amazing stories. Just this past Saturday I picked up a friend from the airport. I met Beate 3 years ago while teaching in Japan. Her and I were both teaching at the same school over the summer and really hit it off. Now, she is here in the states for the very first time. And, while she does know some people here this is a new experience for her. New sights and sounds that we take for granted.

Similar to my summer in Japan I had to totally relay on God for guidance. I had no idea what was int store for my future. Or the amazing things I would see and do while I was so far away from home.

Beate, will be experiencing some cool things while she is her and my pray is that God uses this to enhance her story. Now for her sake but for His. So that this trip might bring glory to him.

So, what is your story?