Wednesday, April 25, 2012

First Post From Japan

So, here it first real blog post from Japan. As I have started to settle in here my thoughts have been swirling around in my head and many of them have made it to paper. What you are about to read were my thoughts from my first day in my school and working in the teachers office. Enjoy!

 It's funny that I work in a place where not that many people speak English. They are all having conversations but I'm just sitting here writing at my desk. I think I'm going to start reading my lesson plans...that way I'll at least look busy.

 I have a name plaque at my desk with my name on it. It's in Japanese...but I can recognize the katakana.

 Well, that went well...I introduced myself to the school. It was in English and Japanese. So, that's something! My desk is wicked short. I lowered the seat but that made me about a foot shorter than everyone else around me. I know...big problem!

 I just made a ton of flowers with some of the teachers and hung them around the school. Not sure what else is going to happen but so far it has been fun!

 Everyone is doing something...I keep writing and thinking that I should be doing more. (Name omitted) said I would only be teaching 1 or maybe 2 classes a day.

 That's a long day if I'm here 6 hours or so...maybe not. I'll have to see what my schedule looks like. I was just part of an induction ceremony...I think. I was in the teachers room making coffee when someone came and got me. The schedule i have is all in Japanese...But now, back to coffee!

 Just had lunch. Talked to the people at my desk about where I lived and and what I like to eat...popularity is not something I'm used to.

 I was reading my lesson plans when one of the teachers started showing me pictures of the students. Followed by point out which students were the bet...yep! haha Then I talked about the Sakura...they will bloom soon, I am very excited!

 When I was a kid I always thought the teachers room was some magical place that the teachers hung out, talked about students, and's nothing like that!

 On hour left in my first day! I made flowers, introduced myself in Japanese, went to a ceremony, talked to my desk mates, and hung out in the teachers room. It's going to take some work with everyones name...their name tags are all in Katakana...mine is the only in Romanji.

 Just a half an hour to go...oh gosh...I just laugh and nod my head a lot. Funny thing is I can tell when people are talking about me. I'm pretty sure they think I'm strange...pretty fair assessment!