Friday, November 30, 2012

Who we are behind closed doors

"It`s funny that public figures fear private communications leaks...yet we in the private sector never think about it...just saying"

This is a tweet that I sent out that got me thinking. It got me thinking about who we are and who we appear to be. 

There are a `million` scandals every year involving celebrities, high ranking government officials, and other public figures. For me one of the most famous and highly televised affair involved former President Clinton back in the 90`s.   

At the time I wasn`t really mature enough to really understand what was going on. (I was only 12 years old at the time.) Yeah, I knew the president was messing around with someone(s) other than his wife. Yeah, I knew that was wrong but I didn`t really view this incident the same way that I do now. Nor did I find a practical application to my life.

Now I`m not going to use this post to admit to anything publicly so you should probably stop reading if you want some sort of dirt on me. Chances are though, if you are reading this, you probably know me pretty well and don`t need any more dirt on me than you already have. 

Why is who we are behind closed doors so important? In my opinion this is directly tied to our credibility as to who we truly are as human beings. If I stand in front of you all day telling you not to smoke then go home and light up that makes my message irrelevant. Not only does it make it a useless message but it starts this snowball affect. You then to begin to question why I don`t believe my own message. You also question everything I`m saying and whether or not it can be trusted.

Here is where it gets Biblical...sorry...but not really. If as a Christian if I tell you that sin xyz is wrong yet go home and do xyz what happens to my (not really my) message. Simply it becomes useless. Far too many times Christians  preach what they aren`t practicing. I would say 100% of the time this happens. Why? Because Christians do not magically become immune to things. There are zero accounts of Christians in the Bible becoming 100% perfect after becoming Christians. 

So why preach? Why listen to preachers? Why even go to church? 

Because there are Christians out me...who will be the first to admit that we don`t have all the answers and we don`t have it all figured out. They will admit that they struggle with things just like everyone else. There are actual people, Christian people, who are willing to have an open discussion about what they believe. Admit to not understanding why they believe it 100% of the time and who will admit to their flaws.

This whole thing might have gotten a bit off topic but the statement still stands. Who we are behind closed doors should be the same as when those doors are wide open. Truth`s not like that. We all have secrets and things that we don`t want public. From little things like emails, private Facebook messages, and secrets that are much darker. 

What`s the point...should it even matter? Yeah, it should! Especially for people who are going to claim to `know it all`...maybe most importantly for those.