Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dear Neighbors...Ricky's Dream

"Dear Neighbors" By Ricky*

Tonight I try and sleep
Praying that you don't make a peep
I've worked all day long
And I can hear your songs (mostly rap)
Curled in my bed I dream
Planning my scheme

*Ricky did not write this...nor is he racist...hahaha

*EDIT The previous picture has been replaced with a less offensive one. Sorry...haha

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dear Neighbors...this is it!

my neighbors were given an opportunity by the city of Lancaster to live in an apartment that my taxes pay for. The property manager told them to quiet down, and they have not. They were given a warning by the police as well as the housing authority, if they did not quiet down, they would get kicked out. I'm writing this at 1am on a Saturday. I ask you this one question, why are you all still awake? Is not your child 4 or 5? Why do you not control your children? I was never raised to be like this. This is an issue of the general attitude of our society. It is being played out in the apartment below me. So what will I do? If this noise continues tonight I will go down stairs and tell them to knock it off...or I will wait for Ricky to be awoken from his slumber, thus turning him from his mild mannered self into super angry tazer wielding Ricky. At which point the cops will be called again. Either way, the warnings have been given, if people don't want to live in ana apartment (that I help pay for) then so be it. Come Monday morning I'm calling the property manager...hopefully the new neighbors will have some common decency.   

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dear Neighbors...learn some manners PS Ricky still hates you!

In this edition of Dear Neighbors... I would like to address the topic of love. You might wonder why love has anything to do with my neighbors...seeing as Ricky hates them, but I assure you that you will fully understand love and neighbors. It’s like a warm fuzzy blanket for your soul!

So, I was at school and get a call from Ricky what follows is the exact word for word conversation

Me: What do you want Ricky?!

Ricky: I hate our neighbors!

Me: What did they do this time Ricky?

Ricky: One of them punched one of the other neighbors in the mouth.


Ricky: He punched a girl in the mouth.

Me: There better not be blood all over the place!

Ricky: She was bleeding, and her friends were yelling, “You shouldn’t have done that! You don’t mess with us!”

Me: Where are the parents?

Ricky: I don’t know…

Me: Well are you going to call the cops?

Ricky: I don’t know... Why can’t people be civilized?

Me: Ricky, we can’t get people at LBC to be civil, how do we expect our neighbors to be?

So that pretty much ended the conversation. Ironically it made me think about love. I mean if some chick walked up to me and punched me in the mouth, I would be more than a little surprised, because after all we are (acting) adults. But, we are talking kids that are barely teenagers. What if (now this is a big what if) what if, he likes this girl. Could it be possible that he has no way of showing proper love because he has never seen proper love?

Think about that one…

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dear Neighbors...Ricky hates you

I'm starting something new I'm going to keep track of what my neighbors and their actions as well as question that I have for you the reader.

OK, so the current time is 11:40pm on a Tuesday 

Oh! I almost forgot...some background
The neighbor lady has .....4 kids? all under the age of 15
She doesn't work
...I think that's all you really need to know...for now

So, it's 11:40pm

Since I have been typing a door has been slammed 4 times
Children have been running up and down the hallway 5 times
"Mom" has yelled at one of the possible 4 children 3 times
So far this has equaled a total of 12 times that Higgins has been annoyed

So my question for the night is I wait for Ricky to come home...fresh from work...tired and wanting to go to sleep...orrrr do I  go down stairs and politely knock on the door and ask them to shut it?

I think...that I enjoy I'll wait for Ricky