Wednesday, October 17, 2012

And...I`m Back! And getting all political in your face!

So, I`m back from a rather lengthy hiatus. Not for any particular reason other than the fact that I have been mostly video blogging since I have been in Japan. At this point I would be remiss to not share the link with you but you can find my YouTube site here as well as my Facebook Fan Page here.

Now, with that out of the way I would like to talk about something that will be sure offend no one. Politics  Haha...but, seriously that`s what I`m going to do.    

It is election time back in the states and nothing gets people more excited to click the `share` button on their favorite politicians Facebook page quite like it. It is also the time of year when people throw all civility, judgment, and logic to the wind.

I don`t care which side you find your self on (as if politics could some how be boiled down to two sides) but people seem to forget a simple fact. It is election time, and no matter who you listen to both sides are trying to get your vote. Meaning this...they are going to say whatever they need to say to get your vote.

Now, I`m not saying that all politicians are liars and don`t truly care for the people, but why do you think politicians spend so much money campaigning? They want their message heard and they want you to buy into what they have to say.

Think of it this way. Why do pharmaceutical companies spend so much money on commercials for their products? You can`t just go to the store and buy those medications. You have to go to your doctor convince him/her that you have whatever this magic pill is going to cure so he/she can then prescribe it to you.

Politicians know that they can`t succeed without your vote. So, they tell you what you want to hear and promise you to cure whatever issues you are having. They will tell you that the issues you care so deeply about are the same issues that they value.

I recently watched The Campaign, a movie about two politicians battling to be a congressman. At one point in the movie Will Ferrell is talking to different groups of voters. He is saying the same exact thing to each group but just changes the ending to fit whatever group he is talking to. It`s funny but also a reminder of how politics today have become.

I don`t want this to sound like I`m saying that all politicians are no more than snake oil salesman. Yes, there are those out there that get by on taking the facts and twisting them to fit their agenda. There are politicians on both sides of the isle that couldn`t care less about how much you want equal rights, fair wages, bringing home the troops, ending bailouts, or whatever hot button issue you `Like` on Facebook. But, there are also politicians that do care. Who have genuine interest in making our country better. Your goal should be to seek out those men and women.

My goal is to remind all of us (including myself) to remain civil. How can we EVER hope that the people we  elect will ever be united if we can`t stop hating each other. I see it all the time on Facebook...`look what this idiot said`, `look how stupid people are who think this way`, `man this group is so close minded and dumb`.

Enough! I have come to hate logging into Facebook each day for a simple reason. I can`t take people opinions on things when they are strictly based in hate and a desire to tear other people down.

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