Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dear Neighbors...this is it!

my neighbors were given an opportunity by the city of Lancaster to live in an apartment that my taxes pay for. The property manager told them to quiet down, and they have not. They were given a warning by the police as well as the housing authority, if they did not quiet down, they would get kicked out. I'm writing this at 1am on a Saturday. I ask you this one question, why are you all still awake? Is not your child 4 or 5? Why do you not control your children? I was never raised to be like this. This is an issue of the general attitude of our society. It is being played out in the apartment below me. So what will I do? If this noise continues tonight I will go down stairs and tell them to knock it off...or I will wait for Ricky to be awoken from his slumber, thus turning him from his mild mannered self into super angry tazer wielding Ricky. At which point the cops will be called again. Either way, the warnings have been given, if people don't want to live in ana apartment (that I help pay for) then so be it. Come Monday morning I'm calling the property manager...hopefully the new neighbors will have some common decency.   

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