Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Bloggery

So I have decided to update my blog on a semi-daily basis. I feel it might serve as my twitter updates. I can, in this way express more and not worry about a 140 character limit. This also accomplishes my desire to write more. I will be doing music write ups, game reviews, book reviews (if I can finish something!), and just my general day to day. Think of it as that picture a day thing everyone was doing. Except my pictures will be my words.   

That being said, I’m going to start with a game review. Now when I say game review I don’t mean video game. This is a flash game that I found on the internet and honestly doesn’t take the skill of, say a playstaion or xbox game.

The game is simply titled Falling Sand Game…and is pretty much what you would expect…falling sand! You start out with a black screen and four streams…falling from each is sand, water, salt and oil. (There is also an item called Namekuji floating around…it’s annyoing and you can trun it off but more on that later.)  You have simple mouse controls and if you have used microsoft paint it won’t take you long to master the controls.

The point of the game is this…build what ever you want, direct the streams in which ever direction you chose, and basically do what you wish.

With a concept so simple you might think that this game will get boring fast…but you would be thinking wrong. There are so many cool and endless possibilities with this game you will find yourself playing it for hours…like I did last night.

Within the game you can also grow plants and start fires. The plants grow in water and grow quickly. The fire will burn down plants and ignites the oil and burn most of your creation, so use it wisely. I like to build something for an extended period of time and then set it on fire…I guess that’s my fatalist nature…oh well.

There are some other things that can be done in the game. You have control over your line size, so when building a wall or throwing water you can chose how much or how thick you would like your coverage. You can even shut off all four streams so you can build without their interference.  I also mentioned the Namekuji. This little thing will pretty much eat your creations and is killed by salt. I usually turn it off because it’s a nuisance and if anything is going to be destroying my creation it will be me!

So in wrapping things up, Falling Sand Game is a great way to waste some time, build some cool pictures, and set things on fire! If you want to give it a play, it’s free and can be found in a link at the bottom of this article. If you do play, tell me what you think.


Falling Sand Game

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