Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thanks For Helping Me Remember My Dreams

A long time ago I almost forgot there was this desire within my heart. The desire to move to Japan has been something that I have thought about, talked about, and dreamed about. Ask anyone of my friends and they will tell you!

I feel sorry for them sometimes because I know I talk too much and when I start talking about Japan…I don’t stop.

But, the problem was I almost forgot. I almost gave up all my dreams for a fleeting chance at happiness.

About three years ago I was sitting in my dorm room. I was probably wasting time on Facebook or something when a friend stopped by my room. He knew that I had been having some relationship troubles and asked me point black, “Does she want to live in Japan with you.” I had been lying to myself thinking that I could somehow convince her and in the process had convinced myself into thinking I could talk her into it. I paused to answer and he could see it. He told me that if God wanted me in Japan he wasn’t going to allow me to be with someone who had zero desire to live there with me.

I hated him…my friend that is. “How dare he say that to me! He doesn’t know anything about the situation!” My thoughts were angry because I knew that what he was saying was absolutely true!

I am so grateful to my friend! Not just to him but to all of my friends. Who no matter what absolute crap that I was going through stuck by me. Who said we are going to love and support you no matter what. I hope that I can be that friend to all of you.

I had to lose all my “dreams” so that I could remember the ones that really mattered to me. The ones that I had as a child to live in Japan. A kid who grew up in Texas with a dream of living in Japan…that’s not your normal dream…



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