Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's the little things

It's funny how the simplest of things can bring happiness into your day. Living abroad does something to a person. While I would argue it's something good, it's also something that isn't for everyone. Japan can be a crazy place to live sometimes. Especially for someone who is set in their ways (not saying me). Living in a country where very few people speak your language can sometimes be daunting. Walking into a grocery store to find shelves stocked full of products you have never seen before can be a huge shock. But, people do it. Everyday millions of people around the globe wake up to a world where they are foriegners.

For me this move to Japan was based on many factors. Calling, desire, necessity for a job, and wanting to see the world beyond my front door. While I was able to prepare myself for the move I could have never planned the experiences thus far, the people I have met, or the atmosphere in which I live. As I said some people can't do this. The need to have every detail planned out, every question answered, and every problem worked through with its solution. Sometimes, we have no answers for our questions, or they take a long time to come to you.

The past couple years of my life have been a strange mixture of joy, pleasure, sadness, and regret. But, that mixture has brought me to where I am today. All of those things have brought clarity to my days, and while I still don't have answers to all my questions I know that God's plan is so much bigger that my desire to find clarity in life's complications.

To top it all off while shopping at an international grocery store last night I found Kraft macaroni and cheese. Ya know, it's the little things that make the difference. Making lunch, doing laundry, listening to music, and enjoying some food from home, that's what my Japan looks, like today.

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