Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Music of Our Soul (a concert review)

There is one thing that speaks to us all, music. It is one thing that can unite us and ignite our emotions. Close your eyes and feel the music. You will find yourself going into your mind and remembering. Music takes you into your past and reminds you of a previous lifetime of happiness. It can also take you back to a place in time where maybe things weren't going well. Either way, all of us share the same soul experience with music. It connects us to our past. Maybe there is a song that reminds you of a past love, a mission trip experience, or a pasted relative.

Last night I stepped into a not so crowed concert venue surrounded by friends and strangers, all looking to connect with music. As each band played we were treated to differing vocal and musical stylings. Finally, Mae stepped on stage. The crowd was alive, there energy was peaking, they were ready. As the band filled the room with music I closed my eyes and journeyed to a previous time and place. I found myself standing completely alone admist the crowd, I let the music flood over me and take me back. Each lyric had a special place in my mind, each guitar strum resonated deep within me, and each drum beat brought clarity. This was Multisensory Aesthetic Experience, this was Mae.


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