Monday, July 12, 2010

An Open Letter to Craig’s List Scammers

This has gone on far too long! All I’m trying to do is buy a decent car for a decent price and in the process sell my car. I wasn’t born yesterday and I (think) that I’m smarter than most people out there. So when I get an email like this (I will post it below) please forgive me when I have an outburst of anger.

So here is the deal I emailed a “lady” about a vehicle I saw listed on craig’s list. It was a little below price but not enough to warrant an immediate hatred towards human kind. This was the email I received:  

Hi  ,
Thank you for contacting me regarding my truck. I am a 25 years old single mom with 2 kids. I am now in a divorce with my ex and I am in desperate need of money to pay the mortgage on my house.First of all I want to tell you that the truck is in perfect condition, and the price includes all the shipping costs and insurance so you will not have to pay any extra charges if you can't come to Michigan to make the deal.My brother works at a shipping company and he can handle the shipping for me with no charge.


First of all…I didn’t ask how old you were…it’s not that type of craig’s list ad. Second of all…do I get the 2 kids with the truck? No? Ok, then don’t tell me about them (they are probably brats anyway). Thirdly, Refer to my first problem…I don’t care about your marital mistakes.  And finally, the way they all end these emails…promise to ship the car. Well, I live in Lancaster…the car is posted in…Lancaster …no need to ship…I’ll not need it shipped. What made the email priceless is when this idiot (and I use that word in the most compassionate way possible) copy and pasted that same paragraph at the end of the email…so I got to read it twice.

So, all in all this has left me with a serious distaste for humanity. So for all you atheists out there who find your faith in humanity…try to buy something on craig’s list.    

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