Thursday, February 24, 2011

I have returned…

I envy the Japanese. They are notorious for living two lives. The life that they show everyone i.e. people at work, school, strangers, etc and the life that they show just their families and closest friends.

I have envied this type of living for many years because I too was trying to do the same. Building up walls between the people I knew. I could have my work life, my church life, my friends life, and my family life. In all situations I could be the person of my choosing, the person I thought they expected me to be.

It wasn’t an easy task separating the lives but for me it was worth it. For me it meant that I never truly had to be myself. The only time I was myself was when I was alone.

After some recent and past revelations I have began to see that it is not worth it to build walls. I have seen how terrible things can come out of this unhealthy desire to hide myself. If I am truly created in the image of Christ than why am I trying to hide that image?

Expect more posts from now on. By more I mean once a day, even on the bad days.


Remain spiritually tenacious


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