Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gamestop Review Fun!

It's time once again that we visit the lovely site known as We join our good friend swiper72. This time he is reviewing the Nintendo Dsi.

Now for those of you out of the gaming loop let me give you a quick history. Back in the late 80's Nintendo released the gameboy. It has since become the most popular and successful hand held gaming device on the planet. As the years have passed it and technology has improved to where they have come to upgrade their system to what is now, the Dsi. This hand held which at its first inception could only play games, now has the ability to surf the internet, listen to itunes, and even has 2 built in cameras. Technology has come a long way and it's pretty impressive to see where things are now.

So as of right now these are Nintendos hand held systmes : Gameboy, Gameboy Advance (GBA), Gameboy Advance SP, DS, DS Lite, and DSi. It's a lot but I don't want you to feel left out when you read swiper72's review. To think like a nerd you have to know what a nerd knows :)

And now....

"DSisn't the best." by Swpier72 (see the play on words he used!! Clever!)

"I've had a DSi for a couple months. I can honestly say it isn't the best. But I can't say get a DS Lite either. Taking pictures is fun. But if there's a quick picture you need it's easier to use your phone then rather to turn your DSi on and wait for the camera to come then you miss it. It's also a small thing to have to worry about your camera. If your camera breaks. It's like a regular DS Lite without a GameBoy slot. You can't play Guitar Hero on this and on Pokemon Games such as Diamond/Pearl/Platinum you can't transfer from your favorite GBA Games. The DSi is really only good for it's DSiWare but I would trade that for a GBA Slot. And it's camera. Which my phone has a better processor. It also can easily catch some scuff marks.
Thanks "

While swiper72's grammar seems to have improved since last we met it seems like once again his "review" doesn't persuade one to buy, or not buy this product. I mean the point of having reviews on gamestop is so that someone interested in purchasing that product can read what others have to say. So when you come across things like, "But if there's a quick picture you need it's easier to use your phone then rather to turn your DSi on and wait for the camera to come then you miss it." I honestly don't know what to do with that? What am I waiting for my camera to come to? Is this new ds some sort of friend that I have to call and wait for them to show up so they can take the picture for me?

But I digress, while I do agree that his cell phone's processor is faster what I don't understand is this sentence that precedes it, "And it's camera". You see the word, "it's", is a contraction meaning it is, or it has. So let's read that sentence once more, And it is camera...And it has camera. Neither of those makes sense in the sentence and neither should be used. This sentence shouldn't even be in here. Edit: (The second one might make sense but we already know it has a camera.)

To his credit, swiper72 did end his review with a hearty thanks. I'm hoping that's it's not a thanks, this is my last review. Because, I need all the fodder I can get.

Thanks for reading!


Nicole said...

Haha! I think bad grammar bothers me as much as it does you! Glad to see I'm not alone :)

Your posts always make me laugh- thanks!

Higgins said...

What really bugs me is when people like this come into the store and acctually talk like this!

Thanks for the comment :)

235am???! You should be sleeping!