Monday, January 11, 2010

Pep Talk

I've watched my fair share of movies. Some might even say I have watched too many movies. But, in any great movie there is a time when the protagonist is about to throw in the towel. He or she has gotten to the point where they have decided that failure is the way out. They have made it up in their mind that their situation is too far out of control and that they have no options left but to give up. And then it happens. The pep talk. This is the moment in the film where someone close to the protagonist steps in and convinces our hero that giving up isn't the only way out.

Often times this friend shares a story from the past, where they have overcome a certain situation. Sometimes they remind they why they are fighting. Most importantly they remind them of the goal. The point is made that they not lose sight on the light at the end of the tunnel.

As this semester begins the pressure is upon us, we are going to be pulled and pushed in many directions. My prayer is that we not give into the stupid insignificant crap that can so easily become part of our everyday life. For once let's try our hardest to fight for what we know is right, let's push to do our best, and let's not lose sight of what we are really doing at LBC.

Let this be your pep talk


NV said...

Hey, this was great! An encouragement in itself! I think we definitely do have a tendency to let the stupid little things obscure our view of the big picture. I like how you brought things back into perspective- thanks! :)

Higgins said...

Thanks! Sometimes I'm selfish with my writing, like I write it as much to my self as to everyone else. Sometimes I need the pep talk just a much.

NV said...

Hey, no worries! Most of my posts are a way of thinking out loud too.

Higgins said...

it's good to see I'm not the only one :)