Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dear Worldview

Would you like to get your worldview shaken beyond all previous recognition? Would you like to see the need for God more than ever?

I woke up yesterday morning not being able to sleep. I was wandering around the web when I came across a website. was the site that I found. I stayed up till about 6am watching a documentary on North Korea. I cannot begin to explain the amount of heartbreak I went through. I will tell you this, after you watch the 3 part series…you will be changed.

Then tonight I went back to the site to watch a different series. This one on Liberia. Again, I was shaken. There is such a need for God in these countries torn apart by war and poverty. Please, please watch these videos. I know you will be changed.


A bit of warning. There is some language in these videos. I would probably rate the North Korean video pg-13. The Liberian video on the other hand would probably get an R rating. It has a few graphic scenes and the language is a little bit more rough. This is why I’m posting this on my personal blog and not the one for the school. 

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