Thursday, September 9, 2010

Can A Christian…

…burn a Koran?

Yes. He can also burn a Bible, an American flag, a cigarette, or any number of things.

I say this because of one reason and one reason only. He is protected by the Constitution of The United States of America to do so.

The problem is that this go so much further than his rights. It goes to the core of who this man is and what this man stands for. I don’t personally know Terry Jones so I cannot comment directly on his character but I can comment on his actions. From his actions I can assume that Mr. Jones comes from the old school of Christian thought that everything that isn’t of Christ needs to be killed off. Now, before you go an hang me please understand that there is only one way to heaven. Christ and Christ alone.

My question is how are we to bring people towards a loving relationship with Christ if we can’t show them love and compassion. The people entangled in Islam need God’s love just as much as you and I.

What do you think?


rickymccarl said...

Last night I went off on a friend of ours because of something he said that I thought was aweful theology. I said some pretty strong things and at one point even called him a heretic. Now I love our friend and I did that out of love. I didn't call him a heretic because I hate him or because I wanted to put him down. I called him a heretic because he said something unbiblical and it broke my heart that he would actually believe such a thing. It broke my heart that he was decieved. Now that does not excuse my behavior because everything that we do is tainted with sin. I should have not called him a heretic especially because what he was saing, while it was pretty bad, wasn't heresy. But my point is this. Sometimes we do things extreme not out of hate but out of love. The Koran is full of lies and deceat and I think it would be better for all if it had never been written. But to burn a Koran is extreme. It may or may not be done out of love but it is extreme and he should consider not doing this. It will have serious reproocussions.

Sheila Siler said...

As a Christian and an American I agree that he has the right. However I don't think it shows the love of Christ at all. It just inflames the extreme fringe groups and gives them an excuse to attack. I can only pray for them.