Friday, September 10, 2010

Can A Christian…

…be a sports hero?

Yes. Tim Tebow is a name that you may or may not recognize. He is a quarterback for the Denver Broncos…well a rookie quarterback for the Denver Broncos. He had his start in Florida and made quite the impression on the field as well as off.

He is an outspoken Christian who plays in a league where gun fights at clubs and dog fights are encouraged (not literally but you have to wonder). He plays the game of professional football and is probably going to make millions of dollars. Which is fine.

Here is the problem. Anything he does, will be picked apart and scrutinized. Every comment he makes, every ball he throws, every speeding ticket he gets, every move he makes…they’ll be watching him (sorry I couldn’t help it!).

Which leads me to as this question. Shouldn’t we as Christians already hold ourselves to that same standard. If the world is going to scrutinize everything we do, should we have an even more watchful eye on our own behavior?

What do you think?   

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