Thursday, May 5, 2011

Osama is dead, I’m just saying…

So at this point unless you live under a rock, (queue geiko commercial) you know that “we” have killed Osama Bin Laden.

Thanks needs to go out to the President for making the call, the soldiers for daily risking their lives, the intelligence groups, and others that worked to take this man down.

Also, as of this post, the president has decided not to release the photos of the now dead terrorist. Honestly, I’m glad he made this decision. I don’t subscribe to the conspiracy theorists who are just going to use this as more proof our government is lying to us. They already lie…we know that.

Truth be told I don’t think we need to see it. We live in an amazing technological age but I think at times we go to far.

I remember back to my first trip to Japan in 2000. Survivor had just started, one of the first reality shows. Since then there have been close to 8 billion “reality” shows.

We see enough already…do we really need to see Osama with a bullet hole in his head?

Just saying…



Laura said...

I agree with you. Not necessary, and people would still question, having seen the picture or not.

rickymccarl said...

I agree but I also think it is time to move on and take care of other stuff. Obama could win an election on this if he keep milking it but the truth is that it hasn't changed the gas prices or the lack of jobs right here at home. Lets get back to work!

rickymccarl said...
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