Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Return to Truth…

Life is something that can be too much to handle at times. If you look around the day to day sufferings of people alone can start to weight on you.

Questions like, “Why does God allow suffering”, resound in our heads.

That question doesn’t even begin to answer our day to day life questions. We have bills to pay, papers to write, books to read, people to interact with, or not interact with. We have jobs, and churches and lives that seem monotonous at times.

While millions of people around the world are suffering, we sit in our little homes and rage battles within ourselves. The threat of attack not from some foreign dictator or chemical agent, but from within our own minds.

Our own thoughts can become a voice louder than the voice of reason, louder than the voice of truth. At times our reason can present itself as truth and lead us to believe that our version of truth is truth.

Everything I have written to this point is what I have believed to be truth. While there was opinion involved I made sure that I had some sort of Biblical passage to back up my thoughts.

In the book No Argument for God: Going Beyond Reason in Conversations About Faith, John Wilkinson says that, “Relational truth comes to us from outside of ourselves”.

I suppose I should end this series by asking a question, what truth are you listening to?

Remain spiritually tenacious


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