Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm Being Creative!

So, in my desire to raise money for my move to Japan I have come up with a few cool ideas. When we go to the super market and swipe our card to pay for our groceries we get a sack full of goodies. Why not get something from me when you donate to my trip? So, here is a list. I broke it down into different brackets of giving.

$5-$9 A virtual high five...basically a Youtube video of me giving you a high five.
$10-$20 A personalized short story or poem (Autographed and sent to you)
$50-$100 A fully edited video posted to Youtube (could be a music video or short film)
$100-$500 I will come to your house and cook you dinner. (There will be restrictions)
$500-$1000 If you have kids I will baby sit for you. (If you have kids you know this is worth more than the amount you are giving!)
$1000+ I will promise to name my first child after you (To be honest I can't promise this...but I will try to keep it!)

With every donation you will also get a super secret prize! (Probably and autographed autograph on a random CD)

While this is humorous it is also 100% true! I'm just trying to be creative in my fundraising. You can to here to donate...or if you would rather not donate online you can contact me on Facebook!

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