Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Walk Down Memory Lane

I remember being sick as a child. My mother would drape a towel over my pillow (not one of the good bath towels of course ) and place the special bowl next to my bed, affectionately referred to as the "barf bucket". The hope was that if you got sick in the middle of the night you would not have to make the treacherous trip all the way to the bathroom.

Now that I'm older I can sit here and logically think about this ordeal. My main question is, "who's job was it to empty the barf bucket?" I mean seriously, I was only like seven or eight...surely my mother did not expect me to empty this myself!

Yet, as an adult I still have that tendency...to be cautious when I get sick. To be prepared just incase I can't make it down stairs in time. But, I also think about getting sick differently and handle it better than when I was seven.

I write all this to say one thing. Sorry Ricky for throwing up in your front yard...and possibly out the bedroom window.


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